Code of Control

A) Rules, Regulations and Special Instructions for Students:

  1. The application form for admission should be carefully filled in any duly furnished with all necessary documents like original Leaving certificate / Transfer certificate, Marklist, Other  certificates and adequate fees.

  2. The fees paid at the time of admission will not, in any case, be refunded if the students wants to  leave the college immediately after the admission.

  3. While the classes are being engaged, the students should not in any way disturb them by roaming  aimlessly in the corridors or by talking loudly. They should observe complete silence. It the college  premises mobile is not allowed.

  4. No meetings or programmes should be organised in the college campus without the prior  Permission of the Principal.

  5. No original certificates can be claimed back after admission to college.

  6. If the student, after he has left college, requires a duplicate copy of the leaving certificate, he will  have to submit the affidavit with Rs. 50/- as fees for the same.

  7. Notices will be pasted / panned on the notice Boards and the students themselves should take note of them. Notices will not be circulated in the class-rooms.

  8. If the student needs information other than given in the prospectus, he should contact the concerned  persons in the college office.

  9. The student will have to carry his identity card with himself during his presence in the college. He  should not enter the college campus without identity card. He is not liable to attend any function in  the college, if he cannot produce his identity card on demand.

  10. The student should carry his identity card with himself while entering the college.

  11. If the student needs leaving certificate or other certificates, he should write application addressed  to the Principal. After fulfilling the necessary conditions, he may get the certificates the next day.

  12. The student should preserve all receipt of fees paid. They will have to produce these receipts in the office as and when required.

  13. The student should have 75% attendance in the periods of all subjects in order to be able to appear  at the Board / University exam. His conduct and progress in Studies should be satisfactory and up to a standard level. He will be fined 10 Rs per period if he remains absent without prior  permission. He should have 80% attandence in the period of NSS and physical training /  Education.

  14. The student who remains absent in the periods of tutorials, practicals and physical training / education will be fined Rs. 100 per period.

  15. The student should be cautious about the regularity in attendance. If he is unable to attend the  college on medical grounds, he should write an application to that effect the college office, along  with the medical certificate.

  16. The decisions of the college regarding extracurricular activities will be final and binding to each student.

  17. The conduct of the student should be such that he should not cause nuisance to others. The cases  of misconduct will be seriously dealt with.

  18. The students should carefully handle the college books, laboratory equipment, lights, fans etc.  They should not in any way, cause damage to the college property.

  19. The students who passes in 1/2 of the subjects to be passed (ignoring fractions) can seek admission to the next higher class, such students who get exemption in some subjects can appear at the university exam. This concession has been granted to students after the march 1986 exam.

  20. The students seeking admission to final year class of B.A. / B.Com. / B.Sc. should enclose along with their application form, three true copies each of the marks – lists of part I and part II exams.

  21. Eating Gutakha, Chewing tobacco and smoking in college campus is strictly prohibited.